may 7

Guerrilla Entertainment Fundraiser

with Troglodyte / Empty the Barrels / Family Band Massacre

Record Bar

Local filmmaker Jeff Chitty will be holding a fundraiser for his independent film DEVIL'S FORK, which he hopes to film in and around KC this summer.DEVIL'S FORK is being produced in cooperation with PANIC BUTTON, a branch of the Kansas City Independent Filmmaker's Coalition.The film is about a married couple who are put through a series of grizzly tests by two deranged hitch-hikers. Signed to the film are well known horror film 'scream queens' Debbie Rochon and Tina Krause, who collectively have appeared in over 200 films. Also on board is Troma Entertainment president Lloyd Kaufman, local actor Allen Lowman; coming off of duel roles in the recently filmed BONNIE AND CLYDE VS. DRACULA, and Jared Cyr; a Kansas native currently working as an actor in Hollywood.The fundraiser will feature music ranging from southern rock to death metal.Featured bands will be TROGLODYTE, EMPTY THE BARRELS and FAMILY BAND MASSACRE. The event will be hosted by KC's own evil clown horror host; UNCLE ROY HOGGINS and the organizers plan to show films and have go-go dancers performing between sets.


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