Josh Ritter

with Dawn Landes


Besides the fact that he wrote a song called "Lawrence, KS" without ever having been to Lawrence, there are plenty of reasons to dig on the poetic verses of Josh Ritter. Combining the street-poet lyrics and revivalist performances of Bruce Springsteen with the mellow intimacy of Nick Drake, Ritter has quickly established himself as one of the sharpest songwriters on the folk/rock/alt-country/whatever-dude circuit. His latest LP "The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter" takes some darker rock-and-roll turns, seemingly capturing each song with a completely different studio approach. Ritter recently indulged in some chamber-folk extravagance with the Boston Pops before hitting the road with his own version of the E-Street Band.Opener Dawn Landes is a New York-based songwriter and recording engineer who plays a variety of instruments (cheap guitars! pink accordions! glockenspiels! optigons!) and sings sparse, pretty and often sophisticated folk tunes in the vein of Edith Frost.


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