Unwed Sailor

with Sybris

Jackpot Music Hall

Unwed Sailor is a road-tested instrumental band headed up by composer Johnathon Ford. The itinerant songwriter recently spent a year in Lawrence revamping Unwed Sailor's lineup and prepping material for "Little Wars," an album that was finally released last month after originating circa 2002. The nine-song LP sounds much like early-era Unwed Sailor: melodic post-rock with thick basslines, chiming guitars and deliberate structures. Ford has also shown a penchant for lethargic, atmospheric soundscapes in recent years, culminating in the dual 2006 releases "The White Ox" and "Circles." Catch up on all of Unwed Sailor's endeavors tonight at the Jackpot with an opening set from Chicago indie rockers Sybris (singer included).


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