"Fundred" project

A clean water and environmental improvement project to benefit New Orleans

Lawrence Percolator

The Fundred Dollar Bill project is a work of art comprised of millions of drawings-potentially including yours. The individual expressions of millions of children (adults are welcome, too!) will be collected and presented as a massive collection of drawing intended to support the rebuilding of New Orleans while making the water and other environmental conditions safe for residents.A lesson plan and templates are available for download.The Lawrence Percolator event will be showing some films and interviews with the project's creator, Mel Chin, and inviting everyone to create a Fundred bill to bundle for this national art project. More information on Fundred can be found at fundred.org (password: paydirt)This is an ALL AGES PROJECT as it pertains to the health of all people!Frequently asked questions:What does FUNDRED mean?FUNDRED is a play on words which combines the words FUN, FUND and HUNDRED.Who invented this idea?The originator of the project is an artist named Mel Chin. Many of his projects are collaborative and he often works with students. He sees this concept as a collective art project where every contribution is valuable and celebrated.Where can I learn more about Mel Chin?You can find out more about him via the Wikipedia article and Art 21: Art in the 21st Century, a PBS television series on contemporary art that also features Mel.Who else is contributing to the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL Project?Anyone can contribute. Children and adults, from every region of the United States, are drawing FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS and sending them in.Can I share the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL Project with others?Please do! Click here. When you forward this site you must include the password. The password is PAYDIRT. As we are just getting started, please hold up on contacting media or press for now.Can we make more than one FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL per person?This project is about individual expression becoming a large collective artwork. The idea is that ultimately each person contributes only one FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL. That said, you can practice... but be sure to send your favorite one!Once I have one hundred FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS what do I do with them?Please bundle packs of one hundred with the "100 FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL CURRENCY WRAP" included on the Lesson Plan Pdf and send via U.S. mail to the closest collection point.What if I don't have one hundred FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS or if I have more than one hundred? How do I send them to the collection point?We want the bundles of 100 for easier accounting purposes. But EVERY DRAWING IS VALUABLE. If you have less, or more, please send them to the nearest collection center anyway, by U.S. mail. It would be very helpful if you mark the CURRENCY BUNDLE WRAP with your actual FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL accounting.What if I can't afford the printing costs involved in the project for my students?If you need assistance with printing costs, please e-mail us, we are trying to find a way to help where necessary. In the mean time please do what you can.Can the bills be copied in black and white on a standard copy machine?Please work with two-sided color copies.Are there deadlines for us to send the BILLS to the collection points?Our goal is to begin the armored truck's pick up journey in Spring 2009. Before we start the engine, we want to be sure there are enough bills to pick up. So, we have milestone accounting dates when we will ask for the Collection Centers to audit the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS they have in hand to see what progress has been made. You can check the FUNDRED VAULT PAGE to see how many bills have been collected to date.What will happen after we send the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS to the collection center?When we meet our goal of Three Hundred Million FUNDRED DOLLARS, a specially designed armored truck will leave New Orleans on a 12,000 mile journey to pick up every FUNDRED DOLLAR BILL. The truck will deliver the FUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS to Washington D.C.What is special about the armored truck?The truck will be powered by used cooking oil collected form the school cafeterias or local restaurants. For more information on this go to the ARMORED TRUCK page.What are the boundaries of the regions or how do I know which region my district is in?We are still adding collection centers. In the meantime, just send it to the closest collection center. Collection centers by state can be found here.Can I volunteer my school to be a collection center?Sure! If there is not another collection center near you, please let us know your interest by contacting us. The basic responsibilities of being a collection center can be found here.If you have other questions, please submit here!


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