nov 9

"Apocalypse Meow"

with Sister Mary Rottencrotch / The Klangs / The Pedaljets / Pendergast / Sixteens / Lights & Siren / Kristie Stremel

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From the organizers: Music is the lifeblood of our community. We use songs to celebrate special occasions, to uplift us, to jar our senses, and just to let go. Apocalypse Meow asks for your help by supporting a musician fighting Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This is an opportunity to make real change in the life of someone who gives her full self to the world by getting on stage night after night. This is an opportunity to pay back the musical community for how much they have enriched our lives.Hope is her middle name. Abigail Hope Henderson is bound and determined to beat this disease and at the age of 31 the odds are in her favor. The medical bills and costs of daily living will overtake her and her husband. We are hosting a fundraising event for this Kansas City musician that will include live music, a raffle and an auction this November 8th, in the hopes that financial devastation will not be a required side effect of cancer.Each and every person affected by Inflammatory Breast Cancer has reason to hope because great advances are being made though few are aware this type of breast cancer exists until they or someone they love has it. That is why Abigail insists that this benefit be about informing anyone who will listen about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. It is this spirit that causes the community to rally around her.Abigail has played countless benefits for others in the situation which she now finds herself, human and canine. She loves life and music and has plenty more to say and do in this world. We endeavor to help make a difference in Abigail's life like she has made a difference in ours and that she may continue to reach others through music."I'm too old to die young and too young to die now." - Warren Zevon All Ages before 9pm21+ after$10 suggested donation4:00 pm Kristie Stremel5:00 pm Lights & Siren6:00 pm Sixteens7:15 pm Pendergast8:30 pm The Pedaljets9:30 pm The Klangs10:30 pm Sister Mary Rottencrotch

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