Cowboy Indian Bear / The Coronas / Suzannah Johannes and Friends

Jackpot Music Hall

Opener Cowboy Indian Bear is a new Lawrence band featuring Marty Hillard of the Jen Say Kwahs, Charles Calhoun of the Kennedy Luck Club and drummer Beau Bruns. The funny thing about getting big in Ireland is that it doesn't really mean squat in the States. The Coronas are a young band that's packed venues in its hometown of Dublin, but the Irish press has responded with mixed reviews praising the group's professionalism yet calling into question its originality. The group's melodic and straightforward sound could vaguely be lumped in with acts like Travis and Pete Yorn, but you can decide for yourself tonight when the feckin' oirish quartet comes to Lawrence.It was only a couple years ago that Suzannah Johannes started writing songs and performing; first as a solo artist, and then with backing from Ghosty's David Wetzel and Josh Adams. Eventually the whole Ghosty camp joined her, and her debut four-song EP thusly became a full-bodied affair that plays to each member's laid-back skill set. Johannes also enlisted the lyrical talents of Lawrence songwriter Hanz Bronze on the four-song collection, using his poems as the foundations for her misty-eyed verses.Listen to our podcast preview of Suzannah's new recording.


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