oct 4

Bassnectar / The Egg

with Clandestine / Iggy Baby


WIN TICKETS to this show.Bassnectar is an amalgamation of every sound Lorin Ashton has ever heard, mixed with ultra wicked basslines and generally falling within the electronica realms of breakbeat, big beat, drum-and-bass and dub. Ashton has earned a tribal following by touring with rumpshaking acts like STS9 and FreQ Nasty and remixing songs for Michael Franti and KRS One.The fences between the jam scenes and the electronic scenes have been repeatedly torn down during the past few years by bands like The Egg. Mixing live instrumentation with the sort of wall-shaking beats that Daft Punk or LCD SoundSystem might conjure, the group has become a top festival act as well as something a DJ might toss on in a club setting. The London-based band's third album "Forwards" explores a more reflective sound that also veers into rock territory.


oaas 12 years, 5 months ago

get there early you dirty hippies! iggy baby is going to tear this ish to the ground.

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