The Dead Girls / Magno / Michael Zapruder

Eighth Street Tap Room

Dead Girls Ruin Everything are now officially The Dead Girls, but little has changed besides the name. The four rockers responsible for more drunken good times than Jenna Bush are on the cusp on releasing a second record, though they haven't yet set a date for the wedding. In the meantime, they'll keep bringing their brand of smokin'-hot power pop to local stages and pulling double duty as Thick Lizzy (a Thin Lizzy tribute). Magno is a new Lawrence band featuring two Dead Girls -- JoJo Longbottom and Nick Colby -- and drummer/singer Ryan Magnuson (formerly of The Touchdowns). The pop-rock trio will perform its first show tonight.Opener Michael Zapruder is a multi-talented songwriter on tour from his home base in California. Zapruder's new album "Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope" recalls Andrew Bird in its propensity for experimentation in the context of crooning melodies.
Michael Zapruder "Ads for Feelings"

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