"Recent Shootings," photos by Geoff Deman, Kendra Marable and Tim vonHolten

Lawrence Percolator

No medium opens episodic memory better than photography. Lawrence artists Geoff Deman, Kendra Marable, and Tim vonHolten dynamically explore memory in this exhibit. Deman's disconcerting images spark reminders that recall the viewer's own, unrelated experiences, whereas Marable works as a documentarian, honoring the mundanity of meals and their genteel culture before consumption. In contrast, vonHolten's images quietly explore the After and what is left once the dust has settled. As with all Percolator events, food and music, friends and neighbors (old and brand new) celebrate art in Lawrence.From Tim vonHolten: After every event comes a wake; whether it's violent, random, or mundane, there's a story behind everything. I have no aptitude for photojournalism. Usually I'm too captivated by events to think about using my camera. I once saw an elderly man drop his pants and urinate on a newspaper on a busy Seattle street during rush hour. At the time I was carrying three cameras, but it didn't occur to me to take a picture. I prefer the easy pace after-the-fact. Truth doesn't matter in my context. I'm not aiming to capture a moment, but rather the aftermath of a moment. The viewer gets the same chance I do to create or consider what may have happened based on what they're seeing.From Geoff Deman: I suck at artist's statements, maybe because a) artist's statements inherently suck; b) my writing inherently sucks; c) I sound like I'm pooping out of my mouth; d) I am a visual person, not a verbal one; and e) sometimes I haven't the slightest idea what I am trying to say visually other than I love what I see. Words fail me. Images may fail me as well, but I let others judge that.Show runs Oct. 17 to Nov. 16. Percolator hours are 12-6 Saturdays and Sundays.


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