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From the promoters: Dolewite is one of the newest and most undeniably infectious bands from the Kansas City region. Born to the stage on Halloween 2006, Dolewite has yet to play for less than a packed house! With an equal mixture of musical merit and over-the-top stage antics, they are quickly becoming a force in front of any crowd. Dolewite is an old school hip hop cover band mastering songs from the 80's and 90's with a new spin: everything is done live onstage! The sample and backing music that made each one of these hits so memorable back in the day have been duplicated and reinvented with a combination of bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, and 6 highly energetic (and overly Caucasian) vocalist. The Dolewite stage show is one like no other true to the era's form, each member of the band wears a tracksuit, a fashion statement that has begun to carry over into the growing fan base at every show. Dolewite uses a video backdrop showing different moving slides and animation, as well as samples between songs. Props and gifts for the crowd are also used alongside two confetti cannons that shower the partygoers each night. Whether your crowd prefers a live rock show or the experience of dancing to a D.J., Dolewite will entertain them all. Each song in the set is a well known hit played with an abundance of energy, and a tongue planted firmly in cheek. Comical and impressive, imposing yet inviting, once you've experienced Dolewite, you won't forget Dolewite.


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