The Rocket Summer / Phantom Planet

with Secret Handshake / The Morning Light


The Rocket Summer is the alias for one-man-band Bryce Avery, a Texas native who composes anthemic pop/punk songs that get full-band treatment when he hits the road. After gaining a substantial following via the Militia Group label, Avery jumped to Island Records for his 2007 release "Do You Feel" and subsequently co-headlined an Alternative Press tour that presumably sold an assload of merch.Opener Phantom Planet has been putting out consistently good records since 2002, when the group debuted on the scene with celebrity drummer Jason Schwartzman (who is no longer with the band). The group's song "California" was the theme song for the Fox TV series "The O.C.," and while that should have propelled them into superstardom, the group has since hovered just under the mainstream radar thanks to a propensity for taking chances and writing albums that are neither trite nor predictable.


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