with That 1 Guy


Not since the days of the Unknown Comic has an entertainer been so shrouded in goofy mystery. Master guitarist Buckethead is a covertly enigmatic performer known to many as the dude who wears a Mike Myers mask and chicken bucket (preferably KFC) on his head. He has collaborated with Guns N' Roses, Primus and Saul Williams and also released numerous albums under his own bucket. One can only wonder if he wore the getup while contributing music to the 1997 feature film "Beverly Hills Ninja."Mike Silverman is a classically trained bassist. But when he adopts his alter ego That 1 Guy, his music falls into the category of "other." Silverman performs using an unwieldy homemade instrument called The Magic Pipe, delivering songs such as "It's Raining Meat" and "Weasel Potpie."
Buckethead jams