Master Slash Slave

Eighth Street Tap Room

This San Francisco outfit doesn't care if you think playing along with pre-programmed keyboards is cheating. According to the myspaces: "It's actually really quite hard, but for the past 3 years, Matt Jones has been going literally from scandal to scandal in trying to put out a debut record, "SCANDAL", with just that in mind: classic, early 80's synths, controlled with MIDI, plus garage-y guitars, live drums, and highly affected vocals singing about pretending to be rich."Problem is, a good drummer is hard to find: you can read more about it in the blogs if you want, but in the last 3 years, there have been 5 tours (4 of them from California to New York), with 3 different drummers. We've also made 2 7"s and a CD-EP."INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, the most recent addition to the team is none other than EPHRIAM NAGLER, who not only recorded the entire album we're about to put out (as in, recording engineer, mixer, producer), but recorded my last band and a ton of other, FAR more successful bands, too. We've known each other for hella years, he's got a really good ear, and anyone that knows him, knows he shreds."


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