apr 4

Opening: "Exactly why this should be so is not quite as clear as the fact that it is"

with music by Suzannah Johannes and DJ Cyrus D

Wonder Fair: Art Gallery & How!

A group exhibition that runs through April 26 featuring new work from Kansas City by:
Laura Berman
Chris Bostwick
Kelly Clark
Brent Cox
Nora Goddard
Brian Henkel
Bri Lauterbach
Joe Lawlor
Drew Roth

This opening features live music by Suzannah Johannes and DJ Cyrus D.

Bonus opening event: The North Lawrence Tennis Club (the home & studio of Lawrence artists Lee Piechocki & Andy Hadle at 318 Lyon) will be hosting a cookout, bonfire and camp out before and after the opening. Artists, gallery owners, and other patrons of the arts from Kansas City and Lawrence will be coming together in this unique down home atmosphere to celebrate the much belated union of these two art scenes.


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