Charles S. McVey CD release show

with Kristie Stremel / Another Holiday / 1950 D.A.

Jackpot Music Hall

CD release show for "ANIMAL," the new album by Lawrence songwriter Charles McVey.

From the artist: My upcoming release, “ANIMAL,” is a nine track exploration into the loss of one’s faith. Casually labeled as a “spiritual break-up” record, the songs meander through such concepts as sexual repression, doubt, and divine abandonment. The recordings are melodically saturated while remaining emotionally bare, exposing the raw nerves and the disconcerting reflections of a man who wants to believe in God – but doesn’t. The album’s erotic artwork features adult film star Scott Campbell, and mixes Maplethorpian photography with religious imagery to create a sexy and confrontational package. Within an hour the “edited for content” version of the cover was reported and removed from my MySpace page..

“ANIMAL” features the same line-up as “Modern Living” with myself on piano and vocals, Erik Kessinger on drums, and Max Paley on bass. Lawrence musicians Dan Kozak (saxophone, This is My Condition), Josh Atkinson (guitar, Kelpie), and Clark Jamison (percussion, Lila, 11:11) also contributed to the recording. Colin Mahoney (engineering, Split Lip Rayfield) mastered the final product.

The arrangement of the tracks is a conceptual downslide ending in spiritual independence or emptiness, depending on the listener’s view of the world. “ANIMAL” does not present an alternative theology, nor is its intent to offer answers or explanations, but merely to raise questions. The listener is encouraged to explore its content with curiosity and an open mind. “ANIMAL” is the culmination of a year’s worth of work based on a lifetime’s contemplation.

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