Opening: "6x6"

Bourgeois Pig

Said that loony broad in the turban from “Sunset Boulevard,” Norma Desmond, “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small.” Most of the artists in the Bourgeois Pig's new "6x6" show, while not suffering from the megalomaniacal dementia of Ms. Desmond, might tend to agree. "6x6" solves the twin conundrums of how to a) showcase a legion of artists within limited gallery space and b) produce pieces at a mass market price that might actually sell in a crap economy. The show, curated by Molly Murphy, collects dozens of creative types from the Lawrence area and downsizes them to a 6-inch by 6-inch format.

Read our preview of the opening.

Show runs through April.

Participating artists:
Alicia Kelly Carr
Karen Wiley
Anne Kuckelman Cobb
Natalie Ann Dye
Rosemary Murphy
Adri Pendergast
Charles Ray
Eric Johnson
Eric Kessinger
Patrick Giroux
Brett Allen
Laurie Culling
Clint Ricketts
Andy Burkitt
Emily Eakes
Josie Wrath
Jeremy Rockwell
Eric Farnsworth
Jeromy Morris
Paul Flinders
Robert Gandy
Nan Renbarger
Whit Bones
Linda Baranski
Eric Dobbins
Ann Dean
Betsy Timmer
David Loewenstein
Chantel Guidry
Ailescia Ruscin
Wayne Propst


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