Percolator Artists’ Lecture Series: Yoonmi Nam

Lawrence Percolator

Please join us for a lecture and discussion by Yoonmi Nam, an artist working primarily in printmaking and painting. Her work is influenced by her Korean and Canadian upbringing, which exposed her to the dynamics of both Eastern and Western art concepts. “This experience enriched my view and my understanding of both cultures, but at times, it also made me feel like an outsider,” she said. “Eventually, I realized that they are both part of who I am as a person and an artist. The training I had in Western art technique and the Eastern way of my thinking found its balance and its place in my work both visually and conceptually. In my work I seek to visually represent what we cannot see in space—the unseen space. It is in a way a landscape, but it lies in between the visible and the invisible.”

Nam is currently a professor of printmaking at KU, and this semester is a Hall Center for the Humanities Fellow. She is currently working on a project entitled“Arranged Flowers,” a portfolio of five prints using a traditional Japanese water-based woodblock printmaking technique. The images will be inspired by pictorial representations of flower arrangements and the artistry of flower arranging. She will be researching seventeenth century Dutch flower paintings and Japanese prints that depict the art of Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana), and will make reference to this imagery in her own work.

The lecture is free and open to the public.


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