dec 5

Greenhouse Beads: Demonstrations & Exhibit

Lawrence Percolator

From the organizers: Join the culture of the spontaneous, the natural, the earth-born. Twirling curling round flat or square, swirling sparkling accented or bare, all we are saying . . . is give beads a chance.

Carol and Kathy at Greenhouse Beads absolutely get it. And make it. And wear it. Their glass beads and hand worked jewelry are works of art. Each piece is born from beautiful imaginings and real chemistry, made one-by-one.

Imagine it this way: deliciously colored glass rods heated to a few thousand degrees, wrapped around a steel mandrel, kiln annealed for strength, embellished with precious metals, a natural diamond here, a freshwater pearl there, then connected with silver wire or silk . . . and finished with a smile. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, they all emerge from nature itself, grown under the sunshine for your delight.

Greenhouse Beads. Stop by and watch and join the glassroots movement, and let it bead.

Demonstrations during the day at the Percolator. Stop by, watch, ask questions and start your holiday shopping.


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