Second Saturdays with DJ Candlepants

Eighth Street Tap Room

While DJ Gloria Vanderbilt has moved on to bigger and better things, fear not for long time 2nd Saturdays co-host DJ Candlepants is more than capable of "going-it-alone" and keeping the hott waxx on ice. Yes it will be a challenge for him to go to the bathroom from time to time, but don't expect any of the music to change. Fans of soul, funk, '80s, early '90s, hip-hop, and booty bass will find a home in the back (and front?) pocket of DJ Candlepants. If you've ever found yourself singing into a brush while dancing in front of a mirror, imagine that feeling times a thousand. Always ending the night with a slow jam, why go to a Zumba aerobic dance class when you could come dance with Candlepants?


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