The Visitations

with Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk / Rooftop Vigilantes

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"Jonathan, dear friend, you're an asshole." So sings Davey Wrathgaber, bandleader of the Athens, Ga., collective known as The Visitations. The Elephant Six-affiliated group plays psych-tinged pop rock that should thoroughly bemuse fans of E6 staples like Neutral Milk Hotel and Apples in Stereo.

After shuffling through multiple lineups and stylistic explorations, Lawrence's Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk recently slimmed down to a trio. The formula still varies tremendously from show to show, with one constant being a predilection for droney jams along the lines of Animal Collective or Mogwai. And as the group's homemade CDR suggests, it's all "Jam Packed Full of Awesome."

Rooftop Vigilantes' high-energy blend of blitzkrieg pop and complete drunken chaos makes for a solid night of entertainment. From the Vigilantes’ soused beginnings to their recent six-week tour, the group has met every challenge with a raised shot glass and a grammatically challenged song title (i.e. “Charley Want Mario Chalmers”). They'll have copies of their new album "Carrot Atlas" at tonight's show.

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