"Campfire!" A storytelling experiment

Lawrence Percolator

Indulge in fireside munchies while you visit Signs of a New Apocalypse or Glimmers of a DIY Utopia? (please note: exhibition will close the following day at 5pm)Storytelling will start around 7:30.This is not a traditional Percolator opening, but an event where we will sit raptly and listen to the stories and songs and poems and words of our friends and neighbors.Scheduled performers include Barry Barnes, Sara Glass, Priscilla Howe, Dixie Lubin, Tommee Sherwood, and KT Walsh. Spontaneous contributions are encouraged too, so bring your stories to share! If you don't want to tell a story, that's fine too, just come and listen!Please turn off your cell phone before entering. Once you step through our door, you will be transported deep into the forest where you won't be able to get a signal anyway.


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