Hidden Pictures / Transmittens / Another Holiday (early all-ages patio show)

Replay Lounge

Hidden Pictures began to take shape last year when singers Richard Gintowt (who works for lawrence.com) and Michelle Sanders started performing as a duo. They've since assembled a six-piece band, which has been described as "sunshiny indie-folk."

Lawrence's Transmittens traces its roots back to Cincinnati, where Jen Weidl and Danny Rowland met and started making lovely music together. Since relocating to Lawrence three years ago, the duo has written a charming body of songs built around drum machines, synthesizers, and choruses that will get stuck in your head for weeks. Their lyrics about hot dog suits, cow clouds and sparklemittens are hardly the too-cute variety of less capable twee-pop acts, but rather the artfully charming sort that The Magnetic Fields or The Field Mice might publish.

Another Holiday's majestic, slow-burning melodies and signature female vocals call to mind acts like Rilo Kiley and Emily Haines. Having released "Landing Space For Leaves" in 2007, the band is currently laboring over its next creation.

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