jun 7

Opening: "connect. disconnect. reconnect." by Molly Murphy

Bourgeois Pig

Our interview with the artist to preview the show.

Show runs through July 3.

From the artist: Most of the works I have completed recently are a consideration of connections. The new paintings in this series follow this investigation into the world of constant communication and connection through digital means. These paintings focus primarily on the constantly growing field of data mining to create a "portrait" for the sake of targeted marketing.

The information we place in the digital world every time we Google search for a subject, post a photo Myspace, make a purchase on Amazon or eBay, become a fan of something on Facebook, follow a "tweet," or read a local newspaper online, someone somewhere is collecting that information.

It is being molded into a virtual portrait based on the tracking of habits. Sprint is already running commercials based on the number of times certain words are texted over their networks (mainstream evidence that our communications are not only not private, but being openly recorded).

Eventually, this type of habit identification will categorize us into an isolated place... all for the sake of marketing. Already, we are losing common experience by receiving targeted suggestions, invitations and advertising. If your email or search has suggested you are a certain gender, for example, you will not see the ads created for the opposite gender. If it suggests you are straight, you will not see the ads created for your same gender but homosexual. If you search for cat toys, you will see ads and web suggestions for straight cat owners of your own gender, and so on. This suggests we are nothing more than a formula of our shopping and search habits, an algorithm of our keystrokes, a target demographic.

These paintings attempt to show the tensions of these digital portraits. I will be posting them on my website...


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