mar 5

Waterfowl Habitat / The Felt Show / Dutch Newman / The Snugglebugs

Jackpot Music Hall

You get what you give at Waterfowl Habitat show. Dance like a banshee and Dylan Hoffman and Tanner Allen will join you; stare blankly at the floor and they will too. But with dirty-bass beats straight outta the Daft Punk camp and gnarly guitar riffs to make Prince proud, dancing is habitual at the clubs Waterfowl inhabits. Any Lawrencian who digs on NEON or like-minded DJ events would do well to check out the duo's off-the-chain live show.

Chronicling the foibles of grumpy old men, video-game stars, singing lamps, therapists and other puppet malcontents, The Felt Show is one of Lawrence's most dedicated comedic institutions.

Rounding out tonight's birthday party for Marty Hillard (of Cowboy Indian Bear) will be KC hip-hoppers Dutch Newman and electro-rockers The Snugglebugs.

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