mar 9

The Naked Hearts

with Another Holiday / Aubrey

Jackpot Music Hall

The Naked Hearts are an NYC band composed of dueling singer/songwriters Noah Cooper and Amy Cooper. The duo's charming indie pop tunes evince a soft spot for bands like The Lemonheads and The Pixies. Preceding Naked Hearts, Amy released two solo albums including "Water/Fire (2005), produced by John Vanderslice, and "Mirrors" (2007), produced by Frank Lenz.

Another Holiday's soaring melodies and spoonful-of-sugar female vocals call to mind Rilo Kiley and Metric. Having released "Landing Space For Leaves" in 2007, the Lawrence quintet is currently laboring over its next creation.

It's been a few years since Aubrey surfaced as one of Lawrence's brightest new bands, and that time appears to have been well-spent developing a sharper and more encompassing sound. Leaks from the band's upcoming album "A Room of Our Own" forecast a piano-driven sound reminiscent of Coldplay, with thickly layered vocals sculpted by bandleader Jon Ulasien.

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