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Eighth Street Tap Room

The ACB's formed in 2006 in Kansas City, where they were all born and raised and where they continue to live. Mostly they're influenced by artists who know how to write bona fide HITS. Michael Jackson is a big one. Also early Beatles. Maybe a little Matthew Sweet. Melody, harmony, rocking, and rolling—music that compels you to dance in an uncool manner.

Hidden Pictures began to take shape when Richard Gintowt and Michelle Sanders started performing as a duo during the last months of 2007. They quickly recorded a nine-song album and assembled a band featuring Brett Resnick on guitar, Tim Brandsted on bass, Nate Holt on keys, and Pat Tomek on drums. The group has been described as "sunshiny indie-folk," but you can probably make up your own mind about such things. Prior to Hidden Pictures, Gintowt spent five years in a band called OK Jones.

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