Films for Action presents: "The Take"

Liberty Hall Cinema

Benefit for the new Solidarity! location. Listen to our podcast preview of this screening.


tribalzendancer 12 years, 7 months ago

This screening is actually $3, but people are welcome and encouraged to donate a few bucks more if they can, with all proceeds going to benefit Solidarity.

About the film: The Take is a political thriller that turns the globalization debate on its head. The film follows Argentina’s radical new movement of occupied businesses: groups of workers who are claiming the country’s bankrupt workplaces and running them without bosses.

In light of the economic upheaval that is effecting America, The Take provides a timely and inspiring look at a democratic and community-based solution to the failures of free-market capitalism. Right now, we really need some big ideas. We need to be imagining what could be possible, not just trying to fix the status-quo. The Take gives some excellent food for thought, showing how ordinary people have created a positive alternative to globalization and predatory-based economics that are both local and human-scale.

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