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Midnight Vinyl and Rusty Scott joint CD release show

Jackpot Music Hall

Listen to our podcast previews of the new albums from Rusty Scott and Midnight Vinyl.

This week, the fellas of Midnight Vinyl will graduate from college and cast their lots with the brave new world of economic hardship and Susan Boyle. They’ll probably never be as famous as the latter, but at least they can say that in two years time they learned to play their instruments and wrote a few good tunes. The group recorded five of its faves for its debut release titled “The Perpetual Motion EP.” With horns blazing and keyboards blooping, the disc blends the unbridled energy of The Hold Steady with Sportscenter bumper music and over-the-top hooks that would get Rocky Balboa amped.

Rusty Scott hooked up with engineer Chris Crisci (of Old Canes and the Appleseed Cast) to help him produce his debut record. He played all the instruments on it—guitar, drums, banjo, harmonica, etc.—save some trumpet performances by his friend Kyle Robinson, who currently joins him onstage along with members of Ample Branches. Scott’s down-home songs toe the line between folk, rock, and bluegrass, working their way into your subconscious with easygoing melodies and old-fashioned instrumentation.

The Noise FM's 2008 release "Dream of the Attack" was rife with cool guitar tones to complement Alex Ward’s flighty riffs, and it jumps out of the speakers like Muse or Queens of the Stone Age. The group recently found a dedicated bass player, cementing its reputation as one of the best live bands in the area.

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