Artist Talk: Patrick Dougherty

Spencer Museum of Art

The last month of the exhibition "Trees & Other Ramifications: Branches in Nature & Culture" will coincide with the arrival of world-renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty. Hosted by the Spencer Museum in cooperation with The Commons, Dougherty will be an artist-in-residence during May, when he will create a large-scale tree-sapling sculpture outside The Commons @ Spooner Hall.

Dougherty has gained an international reputation for his natural-wood structures and has created hundreds of monumental, site-specific sculptures around the world. His work is constructed from saplings gathered from local sources and shaped into massive, swirling forms as high as 40 feet. To learn more about Dougherty, please visit

The project is yet another Spencer-driven collaborative opportunity for KU faculty and students; Professor of Sculpture Matthew Burke is serving as project coordinator, and the project will be documented by KU film student Sandra Ristovska. As well, Dougherty’s work will be virtually represented on the Spencer’s Second Life Island. Dougherty will give an artist’s talk on his work at 5:30 PM May 21 in the SMA Auditorium.


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