National Icon Finals


A battle of the bands of sorts featuring a variety of area musicians and vocal artists. More info at:

1. C-Lo (reaggaeton)
2. Codak Carter (vocalist)
3. Cross Factor (rock)
4. Drek (rock)
5. H. Gage (rock)
6. TheWaterdognation? (songwriter)
7. Kels La Chelle (hip-hop)
8. Left on Northwood (pop)
9. Luck Lucifer (hip-hop)
10. Maccin Azz Mo Green (hip-hop)
11. S.T (hip-hop)
12. Masrud (hip-hop)

From "Icon" promoters: National Icon is the next big reality show trying to find true undiscovered talent and recording artists. We are looking for people who write their own lyrics, choreograph their own stage performance, and produce their own original tracks. All music genreā€™s are accepted (e.g. Rap, R&B, Country, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Opera, Classical, Latin, Gospel, etc). Also National Icon allows groups beyond just the individual to be contestants of the show.

National Icon is not like a regular talent show where everyone tells you that you will be a star and then your career only last a year. We want all of our contestants to be serious about their careers which will then create them a bigger fan base and the contestants will have the potential to sell out concerts and have #1 albums on the charts. The contestant has to fight to be the next Icon, this is what this show is all about. Becoming an Icon is making your career last more than just a year and making it continue past a decade. The winner of the show will receive a one album distribution and marketing deal in the US and Europe.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Apathetically Yours Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Cry! Havoc! Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Culling Song Left on Northwood Add to playlist
Gut Check Personality (Song for Sarah) Left on Northwood Add to playlist


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