Bleeding Kansas Horror Club presents "Thankskilling" Movie Night and Food Drive

A benefit for Lawrence Community Shelter

Woodruff Auditorium

Check out our full preview of the event. The screening is free, but all donations will be donated to the Lawrence Community Shelter.

From the promoters: It's Thanksgiving time and Bleeding Kansas Horror Club couldn't think of a better time to have it's first on-campus event. In honor of the holiday we will be showing "Thankskilling", an awesome independent, low-budget killer turkey flick. Sound good? It gets better.


Instead of admission we ask that you please bring a food donation for the Lawrence Community Shelter, in the spirit of the season. (donation optional) In particular the shelter needs pre-packed breakfast foods such as cereal, granola bars, coffee, etc. All donations are appreciated. Also, there will be free Thankskilling goodies at the door. So spend the last day before Thanksgiving break the best way possible, watchin' a horror flick and supporting a good cause.

Caution: Trailer contains explicit language and gore


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