oct 1

SOLD OUT! Girl Talk

Abe & Jake's Landing

$10 Student Saver
$15 Students with KUID
$20 General public
Tickets on sale via SUA.


toodarnloud 13 years ago

I've only got a few complaints about this event. 1. I've never been to this place to see a show. I thought I was pretty well versed in Lawrence venues. I could only assume that this is some small bar. 2. This event was not listed on Girl Talk's myspace or official website, so I was given no real indication that Gregg Gillis would actually be there. For all I knew, the venue was just going to play the latest Girl Talk album. 3. SOLD OUT!?! I guess that validates that Gregg Gillis will be live and in person. But how was I supposed to know tickets were on sale?

Fine. I'll stay in tonight and save up money to buy music from bands and venues that know how to promote shows.

whyaretherepeoplelikefrank 13 years ago

Oh man! I was really looking forward to another uproarious drunk concert review...

toodarnloud 13 years ago

Thanks, Phil!

Checking out their website, Abe&Jake's looks like a very unique place. So I'm a little saddened that they are unable to book shows on a more consistent basis.

I can now understand the confusion, as it is a KU Union event, but I am still perplexed with the event being held off campus, as I don't think that has been done before. (Although, KU really doesn't have a place to host Girl Talk on campus, do they?)

Since GT is now off the radar, I looked up Grizzly Bear, who I heard was playing in the area, only to find out they are playing in Columbia instead of KC/Lawrence. They are not following standard protocol either!

ailecia 13 years ago

Fuck this. I wanna see Girl Talk in the Lied Center.


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