MC Chris

with Whole Wheat Bread / I Fight Dragons


Check out our preview interview with MC Chris.

MC Chris drops more references to Star Wars and cunnilingus in a three-minute jam than Kevin Smith can cram into an entire filmography. 
Born Christopher Brendan Ward IV, this human pop-culture Cuisinart has built a rabid cult following around his fusion of dork-gasms and hip-hop posturing. Look no further than such tracks such as “Kingdom Farts,” an ode to video games and not showering, and his signature tune, “Fett’s Vette,” a paean to everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter. While MC Chris has often been dismissed as a niche performer in the genre coined as “nerd-core,” he’s an undeniably talented lyricist and rapper who takes his music very seriously—he just happens to bust rhymes about pizza and Spider-Man.


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