E.M.U. Theatre presents “Horrorshow IIID”

Lawrence Arts Center

It survived the zombie massacre of ‘07. It took audiences beyond the edges of sanity in 2008. So what’s left for EMU Theatre to bestow upon hungry hoards of horror fans this Halloween?

It seems that the EMU writers are fighting over the best way to scare audiences with their 3rd annual Halloween show, “Horrorshow IIID." The peeved playwrights will showcase four different Halloween-themed shows, ranging from a kooky comedy to an arabesque and blood-filled look into the depravity of the human condition.

In “Storms, Sheets and Show Tunes”, written by Stacey Lane, spirited theatre ghosts conduct late-night auditions to find a replacement for a ghost who wishes to retire from haunting.

“Pleasure”, by scandalous French writer Madame Rachilde, was first performed in the 1890s. In this beautiful and poetic translation we see two characters on the verge of maturity trying to continue their childhood games as a mysterious force begins to intrude in their relationship. This sudden intrusion of the uncanny inspires both tenderness and violence as the two try to deal with terrors
they don’t understand.

“Wet Paint”, by Steve Patterson, follows the saga of a woman who feels as
though someone—or something—else resides in her house. She enlists her circle of friends to help, culminating in a night of wine, candles and a séance,
which reveals an answer none of them expect.

Lastly, playwright and founding member of EMU Theatre, Andy Stowers, sub-
mits “Blood Ties”, which follows a father driven to torturing a young woman in
the hopes of saving his daughter. The conflict is resolved, but when the blood
settles, will he have saved his daughter or doomed himself?

Horrorshow IIID is playing October 23, 24, 30 and 31 at the Lawrence Arts
Center, 904 New Hampshire. All shows begin at 8:00 pm, and tickets are avail-
able at the door for $6.00. Mature audiences only.


slang4d 10 years, 4 months ago

Justin- The interstitial pieces were not "improvised." It's my understanding they were fully scripted and even work-shopped. I am not in the know about what happened in the beginning stages of the Horrorshow production, but I can assure you the production is more than solid and the audience enjoyed the comedic interstitial pieces (which you were given program credit for by the way) as much as they enjoyed the one-act plays. Your ill feelings are understandable if you weren't given a chance to submit your pieces or weren't given a larger role in the production process. However, I don't think Lawrence.com and Blogspot are the proper venue for complaints. Perhaps you should be speaking to the Producers of the show or more importantly, the board of EMU Theatre if you'd like to see things head in a more positive direction. I agree there should be more collaboration and local writing but writing about it here does little to solve the problem and creates real-life drama for a group of people who would rather see drama reserved for the stage.


anustowers 10 years, 3 months ago

If anyone is wondering, Justin has never played a significant role in any EMU production either on stage or behind the scenes. He would have had done so as a writer for this year's Horrorshow had he not opted out of participating. I, personally, won't get personal; just wanted to shed that light on his comment.

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