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Mountain Sprout / Deadman Flats / Ben Miller Band


From the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks comes Mountain Sprout, a band of proud boogans who ain't afraid to sing about the spliff smokin', government hatin', stripper screwin' life they lead. Fortunately, they can all play the crud out of their beat-up instruments and sing church-caliber harmonies, so dress in your best Sunday overalls.

Lawrence's Deadman Flats blurs the drunken line between fact and fiction, chronicling the misadventures of everyday boogans and dudes who pick up greeters at Wal-Mart. Only Hutchinson could have spawned such a bass-ackward brand of bluegrass, but only Lawrence could make it sound right at home. The group recently celebrated the release of its second album "Read 'Em and Weep," which ups the ante in both speed and creepiness.

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idarastar 10 years, 11 months ago

you can also catch mountain sprout at the green mountain eco fest!

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