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Woods / Ad Astra Arkestra / Rooftop Vigilantes / Weird Wounds

Jackpot Music Hall

Pitchfork adoptees and capital-letter endorsers WOODS swing through town with their lo-fi indie rock. Championed by the same record label (Woodsist) that brought you Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Wavves, WOODS' fourth album "Songs of Shame" is chock full of falsetto vocals and clumsily endearing guitar solos.

“The sound of confusion and celebration” is how the Ad Astra Arkestra describes it’s sound — and with as many as a dozen members onstage, you can bet there will be plenty of both. Initiated by Ad Astra Per Astra's Mike Tuley and Brooke Hunt following the departure of members Kurt and Julie Lane for New York, the eclectic group has performed in many incarnations and looks to continue evolving in upcoming months. The troupe re-envisions the already ambitious compositions of AAPA, casting them as country songs or tribal “Afra-beat” numbers.

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Rooftop Vigilantes' high-energy blend of blitzkrieg pop and complete drunken chaos makes for a solid night of entertainment. From the Vigilantes’ soused beginnings to their multiple tours of late, the group has met every challenge with a raised shot glass and a grammatically challenged song title (i.e. “Charley Want Mario Chalmers”).

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