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There's so many danged alt-country/Americana acts around nowadays that it's easy to overlook the ones who hold the genre up by its bootstraps. The Weight hails from New York City - the first indication that it takes its sh*t seriously - and is every bit as crafty and daft as the Flying Burrito Brothers or The Rolling Stones ("Sticky Fingers" era). If you're bemoaning Ryan Adams' early retirement, The Weight will wash that sour pill right out of your system.

Katlyn Conroy – also the lead singer for Another Holiday – is nearing the release of her long-in-the-works solo album "I Think I'll Stay Inside." Evoking songwriters like Emily Haines and Jenny Lewis, Conroy pens slow-building numbers with twinkling keyboards and ornate arrangements. A team of local musicians including members of Cowboy Indian Bear and Hospital Ships helped Conroy flesh out the keenly produced disc.

Check out our podcast interview with Conroy.

The Weight @ CMJ 2008 from tinymixtapes on Vimeo.

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toodarnloud 13 years, 8 months ago

i'd be there if i wasn't saving up for the beatles mono box set.

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