Reach and DJ Skeme / Smoov Confusion & Royce Diamond / Left E. Grove / Menacin Johnson / Champyon

Jackpot Music Hall

Reach is as compelling and as atypical an emcee as you'll find in the rap genre. He purveys what he calls "blue-collar rap", a more reality-based personable brand of hip-hop, to combat an industry saturated with propaganda. The emcee, by most accounts, is considered to be a throwback to the artform's golden age. With content that's distinctive and poignant, he's aiming to raise the bar. Tonight he'll be joined by an all-star KC and Lawrence posse including Smoov Confusion & Royce Diamond, Left E. Grove, Menacin Johnson, and Champyon.

You might have heard

Song Artist
Hit Da Brix Left E Grove Add to playlist
Last Chance Left E Grove Add to playlist
Need To Get Back Left E Grove Add to playlist
Sick Left E Grove Add to playlist
The Arrival Reach Add to playlist
Wannabeanmc? Reach Add to playlist


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