MAW CD release party

Love Garden

Judging by their song content, you wouldn’t want to let the women of MAW anywhere near your kids, husbands, or liquor cabinet. The local old-timey quintet sings about drug abuse, adultery, murder, hoboing, opium-smoking, Sterno-drinking, sticking their fingers in babies’ eyes, and other unsavory things on their long-in-the-works debut album “Advice for the Young and Foolish.” Some of the members hardly knew more than three chords when they started the band three years ago, but they’ve developed into a slick-pickin’ quintet in the tradition of the Carter Family.

Check out our podcast preview of tonight's CD release show.

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fancy80 12 years, 11 months ago

I used to work with Kit. One time we went to Dog Days and she got tired, so she said she was going to go home. Later, after I finished the workout, I see her at my boyfriends truck, drinking beer with him. Yeah, if you want to keep your husband or boyfriend, don't let her get too close. But there's something about her... I can't quit her. See you Friday Kit. Pants.

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