Adam Lee & The Dead Horse Sound Co. / Sideshow Tragedy / Tyler Gregory & The Blue Shuffle

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Like many country music aficionados, Adam Lee came to the genre after a youth in punk rock. After growing up in Virginia, Lee drifted to Arizona and started a band called The Bible Belt with multi-instrumentalist Johnny Kay. The duo relocated to Kansas City a couple years back, founding a partnership called Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Sound Company (the latter being the name for Kay’s record-producing alias).

Lee’s debut album “Ghostly Fires” ditches much of the alt-country influence of his previous group in favor of a golden-era sound that recalls Merle Haggard, George Jones, and other heavy hitters. With Kay’s skills on guitar, lap steel, and mandolin riding shotgun, it’s a keenly produced affair that sets the scene just right for Lee’s deep-voiced drawl.


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