SOLD OUT! Jonsi (from Sigur Ros)

with Death Vessel

Liberty Hall Cinema

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You may be hard-pressed to distinguish Jonsi from Sigur Ros, the band that gained the Icelandic singer's music an international following starting in the late '90s. But that's hardly a bad thing. Obviously, his unmistakable falsetto voice forms a central part of any music it's a part of. But Jonsi's solo work is also just as big and epic as Sigur Ros — it's soaring, orchestral, often unstoppably joyous and often beautifully devastating. His solo debut "Go" is available for free streaming at


knayte 12 years, 2 months ago

Hell yes! The Sigur Ros show at Liberty Hall a few years ago was pretty epic. I've read good things about Jonsi's solo show too. Check it out:

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