Murder By Death, Black Christmas, BaioWolf, Mansion


It’s New Year’s Eve and Lawrence is teeming with options to bring in 2011. Amid the revelry, Murder By Death will headline The Granada, 1020 Mass., tonight. The show’s fitting because, when the ball drops, the group will have capped a decade of existence. The Bloomington, Indiana band’s ominous sound is punctuated by its roving nature. Murder By Death will send off a year that saw its fifth album, Good Morning, Magpie, released. The $10 show begins at 9 p.m. Before Murder By Death takes the stage, Black Christmas, Mansion and BaioWolf will begin the night’s musical offerings. Foxy By Proxy Revue and The Obelisk will also make appearances.

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Handsome_Rob 12 years, 2 months ago

doors at 8pm! get there early to use the coat check!

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