Katlyn Conroy & the Wild and Wooly / Alley Flowers / Kirsten Paludan

Eighth Street Tap Room

With four years of shows under her belt, Lawrence's Katlyn Conroy (also of the band Another Holiday) has established herself as one of the most promising new voices on the local scene. All that remained was translating her sweet melodies and sharp couplets to an album, and with "I Think I'll Stay Inside" she hit a home run. Featuring accompaniment from her Another Holiday mates and members of Cowboy Indian Bear and Hospital Ships, the disc is an instant pop charmer for ears that perk up to the tune of Rilo Kiley, Metric and Bright Eyes. Check out our podcast interview with Conroy.

Kirsten Paludan's ethereal melodies bring to mind acts like Portishead and Cocteau Twins, though the Lawrence singer is just as likely to gush about her love for Joni Mitchell or Neko Case. Her songs are subtle, sensual and less concerned with delivering a big stupid chorus than wooing the listener with comely melodies that unfold gently. Check out our recent feature on Paludan.

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