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KC hip-hop artist Miles Bonny is celebrating the release of his latest recording, "INcense & Wine." The album is available for preview and purchase at, and comes with a metal flask so you can get your date drunk at the dame time you spin it.

Known for his production work with artists like SoundsGood, Sage Francis, Reggie B, and C.E.S. Cru, Bonny has stepped more into the limelight as a singer and leading personality in recent years. The transformation has allowed him limitless exploration of jazz, soul, and funk sounds, resulting in multiple releases of diverse and inspired content.

"This is the first album I've released that I feel has truly represented who I am," Bonny says. "It is subtle, and strong, relaxing and danceable, calm and determined. I hope it adds enjoyable moments to your life. Be good to yourself."

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