The Victor Continental Show

Liberty Hall Cinema

The swinging sketch comedy of Victor Continental returns for another steamy summer affair! This local troupe of song and dance provocateurs skewer everything from foul-mouthed mimes to the state of the Lawrence economy in this awesome annual tradition.

Listen to our podcast preview of the 2009 show.

Previous year's stories on the VC show:
2008: A Decade of Debauchery
2007: 'Victor Continental' prepares to intoxicate Lawrence
2006: Sizzling Summer Sexcapades
2005: Victor's "Res-erection"
2004: Victor Comes Again: Hammy variety show returns with new skits, more sex
2004: Listening to Victor: A phone call on a dirty line


rushrich 12 years, 9 months ago

I have heard rumors that Victor might be in town as early as Saturday night (10th) . . . . . I wonder if he will be out on the town at any of our fine drinking establishments that night?

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