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This is going to be one ambient doom-pop breeze of a night.

Sleep Sun - "...Music is so damn finite, and it’s all been done before, and there’s nothing left to say anyhow, and everybody knows it. But then something like Spacemen 3, or the Jesus and Mary Chain, or the Brian Jonestown Massacre happens along and suddenly what’s old is new again, as if an unknown scale has been discovered. Like the aforementioned ghosts, San Francisco’s Sleepy Sun is one of those every-so-often bands that absorbs, processes, and spits out its influences in such a way as to make pee run down the pants legs of music reviewers everywhere…They are designed to explode the most expanded of frontal lobes..."

Restless Breed is an old soul of sorts. It has traveled to many territories and has been through a spectrum of life experiences. Restless takes those experiences good or bad, spiritual or violent, joyful or sad, and tries to mold those feelings into music. Restless Breed resides in the heart of the midwest right now, and is taking in everything it encounters to use on its quest to have an understanding of the human condition.
-from the bands myspace page

Channeling the glory days of early 90's guitar rock, The Dactyls employ alternate tunings and inverted phrasings to create densely textured, off-kilter pop songs. With slippery guitars, a churning bass, and dynamic drums, The Dactyls have been reminding crowds that loud and sonic are welcome attributes. The band has spent the last few years gigging around the Lawrence/Kansas City area, sharpening their teeth, while sharing the stage with the likes of Tokyo Police Club, The Thermals, Oranges Band, Blitzen Trapper, Enon and many more.
After a busy winter and spring of tracking at Black Lodge Studios, The Dactyls have accumulated an arsenal of material. Local Label, Blanket Records, recently released their debut 7" single, "A Widow Knows" / "Space From Earth", in May 2008. In July the band will be heading out on a Midwestern tour with Bandit Teeth (members of Blood On The Wall). In conjunction with the tour, both bands will be releasing a split 7". Early fall will see the band self-releasing a 10" EP, and playing in a city near you.
-from the bands myspace page

-SF Weekly


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