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Lollipop Factory is a two-person spectacle of a band from Columbus, Ohio. Guitarist David Tweed and drummer Bekah Manning shred like Queens of the Stone Age and harmonize like Queen, creating some of the most outrageous music you've ever heard from such an economical lineup. One listen to their harmony-stacked recordings and you'll be doubting their ability to pull off such insanity in a live setting—but here's betting they'll make an impression nonetheless.

From the home studio of a tiny two-bedroom apartment at 11th and Tennessee to local stages, Ample Branches has grown into one of Lawrence's most interesting new bands. The group's 16-song debut "True Vine" merits an honorary degree from the academy of innovative home recording — it would be "lo-fi" if only if weren't so well produced. Fans of homespun indie bands like The Microphones, The Books and Animal Collective will dig the collection immediately, but its more populist touchstones-The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Sufjan Stevens-lend "True Vine" an across-the-universe appeal.

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