Samantha Crain

with Zeb Dewar / Nate Hendricks

Eighth Street Tap Room

A 23-year-old Choctaw from Oklahoma, Samantha Crain possesses the type of voice that sticks with listeners long after the song has ended. Rolling Stone writes, “Her voice is gorgeously odd — all fulsome, shape-shifting vowels that do indeed billow like fog. But while her moody country rock is full of dark themes, she rarely gives in to them.”


smerdyakov 10 years, 1 month ago


I'm sorry — and I know this is going to sound lame — but I /have/ to go to a Lost party tonight. I'm afraid a lot of people who would be at this show otherwise will be, too. It's only happening once. I trust you'll be back again this summer...?

Anyway, Lawrence loves you — even if a bunch of us scifi geeks didn't get out to support you tonight — so please come back soon...

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