Closing: "Posterne – Your Private Gate" by Rachel Herring

Photography solo show

QuintEssential Gallery

QuintEssential Gallery will be holding a drawing for one of the prints in the gallery at 8:15pm at the Gallery. The winner must be present at the time of the drawing.

From the promoter:
Doors and passageways often seem to offer the possibility of transformation, allowing a visitor to enter into and experience a new world view. In recognition of this fact, QuintEssential gallery opens its doors to the public Sept. 24, 2010, for a solo photography show by Rachel Herring that will allow viewers to stand at the threshold of the doors, archways and passages that grace obscure streets and alleyways in cities around the world.

“Traveling is a large hobby of mine and I tend to walk the streets whenever I’m in a new place,” says Herring, a textiles artist based in Kansas City. Although Herring is firmly rooted in textile mediums she uses photography as a base inspiration for most of her work. “Over the years I have stumbled upon a number of interesting doorways and passages and have tried to capture them in the moment.”

“POSTERNE – Your Private Gate” showcases the most intriguing doorways in Herring’s collection. “Doors come in so many shapes and sizes,” she says, “and I noticed that many of the most interesting doors are always found on a side street or in a passage way that are off the beaten path. I’m looking forward to sharing these hidden jewels.”

Herring’s work has most recently appeared in local fashion shows and galleries such as QuintEssential Gallery, DOTDOTDOT Artspace and Fresh Produce Art Collective "Re:FRESH" show. She is currently a member of Fresh Produce Art Collective, where she assists in organizing gallery shows and curates QuintEssential Gallery.


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