Opening: "Anecdotes of the Undead" by Chico Buehler

Bourgeois Pig

From the promoter: The zombie is not only a common icon or figure in some of my favorite movies, but an analogy for the greedy and the gluttonous. These creatures live for no other reason but to feed and destroy and are relentless in their pursuit of a full belly. To top it off, they are completely unaware of what they are doing.
Portraits are perhaps the most traditional and prosaic of genres. They can immortalize. They can reveal. They can conceal. And, they can play the role of the mirror to those who are so inclined to be empathetic. They allow us to freeze time and to hold on to the nostalgic.
Are we like zombies? Do we fully understand the repercussions of our actions on this planet? Is it too late to repair the damage? Have we become desensitized by the blood lust of war mongers and mass media? In the event of a zombie plague, could we, the people of Earth, pull together to overcome yet another threat to our existence? Do humans really taste like chicken? And, is Soylent Green really made out of people? Perhaps this series of portraits doesn’t answer any of these questions, but it does reflect the present state of humanity as a sociopolitical spoof delivering the darkest of humors, delved from a variety of gory horror movies and common, everyday life experiences.


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